Sunday, July 17, 2011

Indian Ice Cream and The Inherent Evil of Cable TV

Is cable TV evil? Yes. Yes it is, and not just because they charge you a pile of money just to sit through a bunch of commercials, but many of the programs ARE commercials and the others are just crap. CRAP! My kids however think cable TV is a godsend. See, we don't have cable TV at home...yeah, we're those people. So when we take a vacation the first thing they'll do if we stay at a Hotel is flip on the damn TV and assume the position of a good opium smoker in a Hop joint.(Slack jawed and vacant stare in case you're wondering). I mostly think this is one of the worst things you can let a kid do, but, my daughter who likes to watch every kind of cooking show on TV, actually came away with something useful. And that thing is: Bombay Ice Cream!! Luckily for you and me, you don't have to go to Bombay to enjoy it.(Unlucky for you if you are already in Bombay, but I'd wager you have such Ice Cream stores there).
Anyway, there was some cooking show about desserts I guess and she kept pestering me to take her to San Francisco to try the Saffron Ice Cream. We finally made it over the bridge and found the place. (Even with Google Street View, you'd think it was no longer in business, but you have to go around the corner of the building). It's located directly under the Central Freeway at 245 South Van Ness Avenue. It's worth trying to find it. Sadly, they had no Saffron flavored ice cream when we visited, but they did have Cardamom. I know. Cardamom? They lady at the counter was very nice and allowed me to sample it first and after one taste, I couldn't get enough of the stuff. I can't explain why it was so good or what it tasted like, except that it was great and tasted like cardamom. My daughter got the Rose flavor and it was tasty, but I preferred mine
They also have an impressive array of herbs and spices, most of which i recognized and one of which I knew what the heck to do with. I love Indian food...I mean, I love it, but which spices to use and in what amounts and, well, everything about how it's prepared is a mystery to me. Which is fine, I prefer to have someone who know what they are doing make it rather than have me try and fail.
I'm getting side-tracked. Do yourself a favor and go to Bombay Ice Cream located in the Bombay Bazaar, you will not be sorry.

Speaking of being sorry, I would like to ask everyone to go an buy ice cream(and other stuff) from this store. No, I don't have a financial interest in it, but I do want them to succeed and stay in business. My wife and I used to eat at a place in Berkeley called the India Cafe. It was above a store that sold spices, saris and other stuff and was the best Indian food I have ever tasted. The woman who ran it cooked all the food herself with help from relatives and it was amazing. The atmosphere was relaxing and you felt like you were thousands of miles away from home whenever you entered. Sadly, running two businesses became to much for her and she closed the restaurant. I would hate to lose another awesome source of supreme deliciousness, so please do yourself a favor and get some ice cream!

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