Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The anti-Union train keeps rolling( sans Union Engineers,Porters,etc.)

Found this ant-union video today. Looks like Target, in its move to take over the Grocery business(and head-hunt grocery store employees?), wants to make sure those pesky Unions stay the hell away from their stores.

Have a look at the Video. It gets good at around the 1:00 minute mark.

Look, I dont think every workplace is right for unionization, just like some things aren't going to run better when privatized(I'm looking at you Slate of Potential GOP candidates), but good lord! This video is a little over the top. A lot over the top.
"Refuse to sign!" Jesus, hey, thanks Unions for getting all those great labor laws in place, but we don't need you now. We can "cross-train" our employees, see? That way, they think they are bettering themselves, when in reality, we can get more work out of them for the same damn pay. Hurray Capitalism!
OK, see, there I go. Really, maybe Target isn't the place for Unions, but this is such overkill, especially in light of all the ant-union hysteria in Wisconsin a while back.
Why is it that when people try to stand up and protect themselves from powerful forces they are labeled greedy and lazy? Gee, all those top management guys at the big corporations, you know, the ones who drive the company into the ground, causing thousands to lose their livelihoods...yeah, those guys,with the obscene salaries and perks, why are they not the object of such mouth-foaming, teabagger hatred?
Ask Ronald Reagan.

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